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About Deb’s Diner

“When You’re Here You’re Home” is not just Chef Deb’s tag line – it is her philosophy.


Deb took over the family cooking when she was 14, and tutored by her Nanna she learned how to prepare “real” food. In 2008 she enrolled and completed the culinary program at St. Clair College. Upon completion of her studies she was accepted for a six month contract at St. Andrew’s-By-The-Sea, a Fairmont resort in New Brunswick. While at the resort her Bachelor of Fine Arts, time spent studying with Second City, and her passion for cooking all came together as she manned the omelette station for the daily breakfast buffet and quickly earned the moniker “Omelette Queen.”

Returning to Windsor, Deb sought an opportunity to pursue her passion: feeding people real food. She quickly realized that the only way she could hold true to her philosophy was to open her own place, thus Deb’s Diner was born. Opening on November 18, 2010, Deb’s Diner is filled with her desire to be true to her belief that people deserve real food in a bright and friendly atmosphere.

Deb’s Diner prides itself on serving only foods prepared on-site from fresh ingredients. Deb’s soups all begin with veggie or meat stock prepared in the Deb’s Diner kitchen. Our menu choices are designed to meet our demanding standards of freshness. Our daily specials add variety while still assuring quality & freshness.

“Welcome to My Kitchen” is Deb’s invitation to get comfortable, relax, and enjoy. We have many delicious choices, but if you don’t see what you want just ask your wait staff – because with a chef in the kitchen, if we have the fixings we will make it for you.